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Become an Athlete

Through the power of sports, our athletes find joy, confidence and fulfillment — on the playing field and in life.  Whether you are new to Special Olympics Pennsylvania or have been involved for years, we are excited you are part of the movement!

The new Registration Forms process is to be completed electronically meaning you will need a computer or smartphone with internet. If you do not have a computer or smartphone with internet, you are expected to work with family or friends to complete electronically.

STEP 1: Online Registration

To register or re-register as a Special Olympics Pennsylvania athlete from the Greater Lehigh Valley Pocono Region, please complete:

The Online Registration Forms include:

  • REGISTRATION FORM: Asks for general demographic and contact information.
  • HEALTH HISTORY: Asks for medical history.
  • RELEASE FORM: Reviews important details about Special Olympics participation.
  • OPTIONAL LIKENESS RELEASE FOR SPONSORS: Allows Special Olympics sponsors to use photos, videos and stories.

Once completed, the system will automatically email you a copy of the Registration Forms, including the SPORTS PHYSICAL EXAM FORM.

The Online Registration Forms must be completed in one sitting. If you exit before completing it, the information will NOT be saved. The forms should be filled out by the person (or people) who can give the most complete and accurate account of the athlete’s medical history. That might include the athlete themselves, the parent or guardian, or a caregiver. If the athlete cannot sign legal documents, then the person completing the form should be able to legally sign on behalf of the athlete.

STEP 2: Visit Your Physician

Once the Health History section is complete, the system will automatically generate a PDF with all that information included in the Online Registration Forms. You will be asked to electronically sign the two Release Forms for participation.

Once completed, the system will also automatically email you a copy of the Registration Forms, including the SPORTS PHYSICAL EXAM FORM. This PDF can be printed out or saved on your computer. The complete file (health history and blank Sports Physical Exam Form) must be taken to your physician to have the exam done. The Sports Physical Exam Form needs to be completed and signed by a physician or authorized medical personnel (CRNPs, FNPs, and PAs).

The SPORTS PHYSICAL EXAM FORM indicates if the athlete has been cleared by a physician to participate in Special Olympics Pennsylvania sports. If an athlete requires further examination due to a concerning health issue before clearance can be determined, a MEDICAL REFERRAL FORM is available.

STEP 3: Upload Your Forms

By submitting the Online Registration Forms, the system will also automatically email your user ID and password to the Special Olympics Pennsylvania Online Portal. Within, you will see your personalized Athlete Registration Checklist. You will upload your signed SPORTS PHYSICAL EXAM FORM and MEDICAL REFERRAL FORM (if required) within the Online Portal. The SPORTS PHYSICAL EXAM FORM and MEDICAL REFERRAL FORM (if required) can be uploaded into the Online Portal as a PDF, JPEG or PNG image meaning you don’t need a scanner. Photos of the form(s) can be uploaded into the Online Portal.

STEP 4: Checklist Complete

To participate with Special Olympics Pennsylvania your checklist must be 100% complete. The system will also automatically email you saying you are now eligible to participate with Special Olympics Pennsylvania.

If you have questions, please contact your Regional Administrative Manager.


Before beginning, it’s important to know:

  • A valid email address is required to complete this process.
  • When asked to enter “Local Area/Delegation”, type either Berks, Bethlehem, Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton OR Schuylkill.
  • We recommend gathering all the necessary information before starting the Forms.
    • Parent/guardian information
    • Emergency contact information
    • Physician & insurance information
    • Health History
      • Associated conditions
      • Allergies & dietary restrictions
      • Assistive devices
      • Sports participation
      • Surgeries, infections & vaccines
      • Epilepsy and/or seizure history
      • Mental health
      • Family history
      • Diagnosis of conditions
      • Neurological Symptoms for Spinal Cord Compression and Atlantoaxial Instability
      • Medication, vitamin or dietary supplement